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Born at UC Berkeley
Informed by research
Led by community

We are a remote Research and Consulting Group affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley driving sustainable development, shaping public policy, and catalyzing climate action.



Our end goal is to create conditions conducive to life, abundance, diversity, inclusiveness, care, and a healthier society and environment for all. 





To drive transformational change, we embrace complexity by transcending traditional disciplinary boundaries and approaching reality from a unique systems-viewpoint. 





We bring together a diversity of highly specialized Berkeley professionals and encouraging deep collaboration, empathy, team learning, and collective creativity. 


Highly Qualified

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What we do

We adapt and cater to the needs of our clients, offering a range of support services involving technical mixed-methods research, data analytics/visualization, project/program design, and technical writing.
Some of our most requested services include


In-depth reports, data-driven insights, and evidence-based recommendations to inform decision-making and guide strategic actions.


Research & analysis



Specialized in areas such as circular economy, regenerative agriculture, renewable energy, natural resource management, and sustainable urgan planning. 


Consulting & strategy


Policy analysis, advice, and support in crafting robust legislative frameworks that promote sustainability, social justice, and environmental sustainability.


Policy development


Empowering groups with the knowledge, tools, and skills needed to drive change, foster collaboration, and build resilient communities. 


Capacity building

Sectio 3

Who we work with

We prioritize mission and value alignment when working with clients, which include universities, communication and design studios, climate tech companies, and non-profits.

Our Executive Team

We're all co-COE's at Nested because "co-" is the way forward.
We also work in English, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, and French. How cool is that?


Pablo Ahijado

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Research & Project Management

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Aditi Chugh

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Business Development

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Ignacio Ahijado

Communications & Strategy

Extended Network

We have over 80 members in our network, the majority of which are UC Berkeley graduates from the Goldman School of Public Policy. Members act as consultants and subject-matter experts on projects.


Hola hola!

Contact us

Feel free to reach out at any time, whether you're interested in our support, want to collaborate, or just want to share a coffee and chat.

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3400 Cottage Way, Ste G2 #16957, Sacramento CA, USA


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