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Pablo Ahijado Aparicio

Vision & organizational strategy | Biomimicry

Currently lives in

Mexico City, Mexico


Pablo is a collaboration catalyst, a creative systems thinker, social entrepreneur, and nature- inspired innovator. Pablo has developed professionally over the last 10 years as a project manager and leader in the fields of international cooperation, circular economy, children’s rights advocacy, education, and biomimicry. He launched and managed a volunteer program in Ghana for 5 years with EVANG, founded and taught sustainable innovation at the Innovation Hub UFV Madrid, and co-founded AKOMA, Biomimicry Madrid, and most recently Nested. Pablo has a Bachelors in Biotechnology (UFV), a Masters in Clinical Biotechnology (UFV), a Masters in Creativity and Innovation (University of Malta), and a Master of Development Practice (UC Berkeley).

Favorite food

Sourdough fire-oven baked pizza with mushrooms, arugula, parmesan cheese, and balsamic vinegar

Pablo Ahijado Aparicio


Big-picture thinking, project management, patience, strategy, perseverence, drive and passion, emotional intelligence

Focus area(s)

Biomimicry, circular economy, regenerative design, sustainability transitions, systems thinking

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